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Lets get (apple) saucy…

We’re fortunate to live in a place where apples are plentiful.

After harvest and in to the winter a 9kg/20lbs bag of apples can be had for between 12 and 15$. One place, Indian Garden Farms often has a deal where you buy 9kg/20lb and get a 4.5kg/10lb bag free.

We ended up picking up a 9kg/20lb bag of gravenstein apples (not from Indian Garden Farms) that we intended to do apple slices with but they were pretty much all  in bad shape – a little too mushy for eating or slices.

Well you know what they say: When life gives you mushy apples.. you.. make apple..sauce. Okay no one actually says that but maybe they will now..

Step 1: Cut up the apples. We have a nifty device that cores and slices the apples in one brute force motion.. Get your flex on!


Core And Slice






Step 2: Heat it up a little. I added a bit of water, maybe a cup or so, and heated until a wooden spoon could smush the apple bits. We leave the cores in because the squishing device can handle it.








Step 3: Load up the hopper of the squishing device. The gimmick we use is called The Tomato Press Master – works fine for apples that have been softened up.


Squisher Squisher2






Any time you can work in the word extrude, by gosh, I say do it.

The press will extrude sauce from one side and mushed apple bits from the other. I used the provided white dish for the sauce and put a smaller mixing bowl for the solid bits.








In general I run the solid bits through three times. The third time is a little thin for what you get out in sauce but worth it, four times yields next to nothing.

Here’s what’s left over after each run, in order:


pass1 pass2










And the resulting sauce:








All the left over unused apple bits will be fed to our composting worms. You do have some, right? :)

I won’t get in to describing how to can things, I’ll assume most people reading this know how, but I’ll also do a quick basic article on canning some time down the road.

Turns out gravenstein apples are excellent sauce apples. Nothing added, no sweetener, zippo. After several samplings we’re pretty confident they’re near the top of our list of sauce apples.

All in all the costs were minimal since we have plenty of jars on hand, a box or two of lids and the cost of apples. For the 24 jars of sauce I’d estimate in the 20 dollar range, power in. I don’t include the press machine or the jars since those were multi-use items we had on hand.








I know there’s only 23 in the picture, one is in the fridge.. I did mention sampling earlier!

Home Steady is about preparation and now we’re prepared for a pork eating emergency or possibly an apple sauce brownie break out. Whew. I feel safer already! :)