Welcome to our Homestead

We are new homesteaders. At least in the sense that we haven’t owned livestock. We only ever had an acre of land and a few raised beds. And a few fruit trees. But homesteading has been in my soul for as long as I remember.

Why else would I spend every summer as a child fishing and picking berries on an island? Making the connection between the plant out in the woods and the pancakes we have for breakfast.

Why else would I sit at my grandmother’s side learning crafts like macrame and weaving? Watching the spinning wheel turn and the wool spin in her expert hand.

Why else would I grow herbs in my apartment window while attending High School? Studying them to know how they were used.

Why else would I put in gardens at the in-laws house? Just a few herbs and veggies. But it was something.

Why else would I flee the city as soon as I got the chance? Seeking land where I could grow a few tomatoes or squash.

We are about to move into our homestead. Space to grow an orchard. Havens for wildlife. Ponds for fishing. No one to complain about chickens.

So what’s with the website? This is where we will share our adventures, our experiences, our triumphs and our failures. We will focus this blog on our real world experiences. So maybe what we have learned can help others muster the courage to follow their dreams out to some patch of dirt off a gravel road – to their homestead.

– Steph

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