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When a storm hits – what do we do?

When a storm hits – what do we do?


A much hyped winter storm headed our way – supposed to drop 40 cm/15 inches of snow on us, high windows, the works.


We had a few days to get ready for it as it worked it’s way up the eastern seaboard.


EMO (Emergency Management Office) recommends stocking up on several days worth of water and food in case power is out for extended periods. They also recommend: can opener, wind up or battery powered radio, wind up or battery powered flashlight, some cash, first aid kit and a few other things.


We knew it was time to hit the store.


In general the shelves with water and canned goods were pretty thin, as well as potato (storm) chips. Lines were pretty heavy at the check outs.


We went to the express line with some storm chips, a small propane tank for our portable burner and a couple of new peelers.


The storm was a dud in comparison  to the predictions – we got at best half the predicted snow and the winds were not that bad, we didn’t even lose power.


Our preparation began months and years before this storm. We already had the candles, the flash lights, radios, and plenty of batteries. We had the water, canned goods, dried (dehydrated) goods.


Imagine our disappointment when we didn’t get to use any of it 😉


The point of being prepared (and our company) is to go through these tests, see if you’re ready and what you need to change or improve on. We’re far from perfect but we believe being a bit bummed out that we didn’t get to test our readiness shows a certain amount of confidence in what we have in place.


We had zero worry about the actual storm, we had zero worry about going a few days without power (and being on a well system, running water). Anything we were missing we could do without and  pick up after for the next time.


Being prepared means not having to scramble in the face of an emergency, letting you concentrate on anything that crops up at the time.